Independent services for the grazing industries

Graz Prophet is a newly established agricultural consulting business based in the Monaro region of NSW.  Being Monaro based means specialising in sustainable improvements in productivity and profit in extensive grazing enterprises.  It also means managing extreme climate risks while still optimising production.

Focusing on making better management decisions and ensuring investments in inputs and technology are targeted to give an economic return is what gives the best producers the edge. Advice and options provided by Graz Prophet are primarily evidence based relying on data from research and trials conducted so as to give confidence in the results.

Successful grazing businesses focus on all the major drivers to lift productivity and profit in the most efficient way.  There is little point in lifting pasture production without also having proven animal genetics to turn pasture into salable product.

Graz Prophet can help you focus on the things that matter using proven strategies and technologies to get better outcomes for the business and the farm environment.